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2021 Toyota HiLux SR5+ review

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Australia’s best-selling Toyota HiLux has recently been updated and now has more power and suspension improvements to tame its bouncy unladen ride.

So is a four-wheel-drive dual-cab SR5+ really suitable as a daily driver? Our family of testers lived with one in all conditions to find out.


Iain: The HiLux is an automotive rock star. It’s been our best-selling vehicle for the past five years.

Jules: Incredible. We’re a nation of truckers.

Iain: Feels that way. HiLuxes are far larger, heavier and more capable than the ones tradies drove when we were kids.

Jules: Because they can do everything, right? Work site, mine site, off-roading, the commute, school run and towing the caravan. We should all have one.

Iain: Except they’re too massive to park anywhere, don’t enjoy corners or wet roads, aren’t terribly economical or great at coming to a stop quickly in an emergency. Otherwise, they’re perfect.

Jules: Our HiLux SR5 is the pretty one. The one the P-platers go nuts for. How much?

Iain: About $63,000 drive-away. Ours is manual, but most pay $2000 more for an auto. You can pay another $2500 for a leather-lined Premium Interior.

Jules: No wonder half the country’s in debt.

Iain: You can pay more. HiLux Rogue and Rugged X versions are about $75,000 on the road.

Jules: What about rivals?

Iain: They include the Ford Ranger XLT ($58,990), Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain ($59,990) and Mitsubishi Triton GSR ($57,240).

Jules: I hope buyers use them as they were intended. You can buy loaded large SUVs for that money.

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