Sunday, October 24, 2021
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25 Best Family Movies On Hulu [October 2021]

By looper , in Movies , at October 14, 2021

Endlessly scrolling through a streaming service, looking for something to watch, is a tedious bore. It can be hard to decide on any particular choice, particularly if you aren’t watching alone and instead are sharing the TV screen with a family full of kids of various ages. And with that, the movie doesn’t have to just strike the grown-up’s fancy, it has to appeal to everyone while also being appropriate, content-wise, and thoroughly entertaining for all those disparate ages.

Well, fortunately, streaming giant Hulu has a wide array of movies, particularly films of the family-friendly variety. Here are the best all-ages movies currently available on the site, ones that parents can enjoy just as much as the kids.

Updated on October 13, 2021: As Hulu’s catalog of films changes on a monthly basis, we’ll keep this list updated to reflect those comings and goings. Check back each month to find the latest and best family-friendly flicks on Hulu.

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