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30 Best Documentaries On Hulu [August 2021]

By looper , in Movies , at July 30, 2021

Documentaries can open our eyes and expose us to worlds we’ve never visited, communities we didn’t know existed, and people we didn’t know much about. One of the purest and most noble uses of film technology, documentaries capture real life as it happens, and documentarians can present that footage in a way to tell a remarkable narrative about actual events. As a result, documentaries, like any other type of movie or storytelling, can be harrowing, funny, sad, triumphant, sweet, troubling, or a call to action. But they’re almost always fascinating and provide visceral, almost voyeuristic thrills.

As one of the biggest providers of streaming content, Hulu offers a number of must-see documentaries covering a number of topics — some straight-up classics and others little-known gems. Here are the 30 best nonfiction films currently available on Hulu.

Updated on July 29, 2021: Hulu continually updates its online catalog of films, adding new choices and deleting others all the time. Check back in every month to see what documentaries are new and worth watching on Hulu.

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