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Aldi shopper shares snap of rude find when going to make burgers

By , in Lifestyle , at August 10, 2021

As some customers have rightfully pointed out, Aldi, really does live up to its slogan “good, different” for a reason.

And in this case, they would be referring to a mum’s hilarious find in one of the German retailer’s frozen fish packs.

Taking to a popular Aldi Facebook group, the Aussie mum shared a snap of her rude-shaped fish fillet alongside the caption: “Making fish burgers for lunch. Thanks Aldi.”

The woman’s post, which has since been ‘liked’ almost 2000 times, immediately sparked a barrage of comments from women who saw the “hilarious” side of the discovery.

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“Ahhhh the ever elusive pecker fish, glad to see there are still swimming around out there. Hope it made a nice burger,” one woman wrote.

“Lunch? That’s the after-10pm version!” another woman joked.

“Aldi good different,” said another, with several laughing emojis.

It’s not the first time an Aldi customer has taken to social media after discovering a rudely shaped food.

Last month, an eagle-eyed shopper shared a photo of what she found in a box of Chicken Breast T-Rex Bites from the retailer.

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“Um Aldi … please explain,” she wrote in the Aldi Mum’s Facebook page.

The accompanying photo showed how two nuggets had somehow fused together in a rather explicit way.

“That’s how you get extra nuggies,” one person joked, while another said they were having “rexy time”.

“OMG how else did you think they were made?” a third person wrote.

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