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Andrew Cuomo’s Attorneys Dispute Claims Of Sexual Harassment, Again

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An attorney for outgoing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday that she planned to send a letter in the next week to New York Attorney General Letitia James “requesting that she correct and that she supplement” a damning report on the Democratic leader’s alleged behavior.

The Aug. 3 report documented a series of sexual harassment accusations that 11 women in the governor’s orbit made against him. Cuomo resigned a week after the report’s release under a torrent of pressure. 

His attorney, Rita Glavin, said she still has not received access to supplementary materials used in James’ investigation and that there were problems with some of the evidence she has been able to access.

Glavin pointed to images of the event where one of Cuomo’s accusers, Virginia Limmiatis, says the governor touched her inappropriately. Cuomo allegedly ran two fingers over the name of Limmiatis’ employer spelled out on her T-shirt on her chest.

In a slide, the attorney highlighted a photo documenting part of the interaction between Cuomo and Limmiatis; in it, Cuomo has two fingers near the woman’s chest. Yet Glavin said “there’s no indication” that Cuomo touched her inappropriately.

“It doesn’t make sense, if you look at the photo, that he would have done that,” Glavin said.

The slide evoked the press conference Cuomo held on Aug. 3 in which he shared a slideshow of himself hugging and kissing people in various situations.

Glavin then moved on to an anonymous accuser, referred to in the report as State Entity Employee #1, who says Cuomo tapped her rear end twice and then grabbed it. Glavin pointed to a partially redacted email that the woman sent the day after the incident that described only the two pats and not the groping.

Another accuser, Brittany Commisso, was not present at the governor’s mansion the day a local paper, the Times Union, reported that a groping incident had happened, Glavin said. She cited attendance records from the governor’s mansion.

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