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Anti-vaxxer family tragically die after refusing jab

By , in Lifestyle , at August 10, 2021

A mum, dad and brother who refused to get the vaccine died of Covid-19 within a week of each other after catching the virus at a family dinner.

Francis Goncalves’s brother Shaul, 40, dad Basil, 73, and mum Charmagne, 65, fell ill on the weekend of July 10, after meeting for a meal.

They all died within two weeks of their symptoms starting, with Francis believing they caught the virus from Basil after his dad picked it up in hospital a few days earlier.

Francis, from Cardiff, said his family, who had moved to Portugal, hadn’t been vaccinated as they had been scared by anti-vaxxer misinformation.

He urged people to get vaccinated and not be put off by conspiracy theorists.

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Francis toldWales Online: “Dad went to hospital on July 6 for kidney stones, we think he picked Covid up there.

“On Thursday, July 8, my parents had dinner at my brother’s apartment he shares with his girlfriend and they started to feel very ill that weekend.”

By Monday, Shaul’s girlfriend said he could “feel something was wrong” and was diagnosed with coronavirus.

“He said he’d never felt anything like it, that he felt like he was filled with weight and that he was tired. He decided to get a test for Covid and they tested positive,” Francis said.

“My parents were really ill at the time as well. They went through to the hospital and I had a text from my father that afternoon saying they’ve been admitted into the hospital because they have both tested positive.

“That was on July 12.”

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Francis’ dad Basil was rushed to ICU two days later, and his brother and mother soon deteriorated.

Shaul died in the early hours of July 18 as Francis was waiting for his Covid test results so he could fly to Portugal to see his family.

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