Monday, October 25, 2021
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Australians warned workplace Covid-19 plan faces logistical hurdles

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Administering Covid-19 vaccines in the workplace won’t be as simple as “running through a place and just giving shots”, Australians have been warned.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will meet with 30 business leaders on Wednesday to discuss the jab being administered in the private sector in a bid to accelerate Australia’s vaccine rollout.

Covid-19 Taskforce Commander Lieutenant-General John Frewen on Tuesday flagged the prospect of GPs and qualified nurses administering the vaccine at workplaces.

After storage requirements for the Pfizer jab were loosened and with increased mRNA vaccine supplies incoming, Australian Medical Association (AMA) Vice President Chris Moy said the model was feasible for the first time.

Regular flu vaccines were already administered at many workplaces, but Dr Moy warned replicating the model for Covid-19 immunisations would not be as straightforward.

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