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Black Widow: Florence Pugh is pumped for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Florence Pugh was worried she was too short to make the jumps.

“There’s always the fear of when you do something such as a sporty film you think ‘but I can’t do that’,” the English actor explained on the London set of Marvel’s Black Widow. “I’m not very tall, I can’t jump very high!”

Pugh stands at 162cm and while she’s petite, when you see her character Yelena Belova on screen this week when Black Widow is finally released, it’s Pugh who’s doing many of those stunts.

“Obviously this is a very active job, and we have to be physically fit and able to do that,” she explained. “One of the coolest things was that the stunts [team] were so excited about someone being willing to do most of it.

“So, I’ve been taught by some of the best fighters around the world and it’s basically like an action-packed dream. Apparently, I’m quite good at high kicks, so that’s great. I had a dancer’s background, so I always knew I liked movement but it’s always nice knowing you’re weirdly OK at something you’ve never done before.

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