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Brendan Fevola details $22,000 dinner with Shane Warne

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Former AFL star turned radio host, Brendan Fevola, has opened up about an insane $22,000 meal he had with Shane Warne and some other famous friends.

Speaking on Fifi, Fev and Nick on 101.9 Fox this morning, Fevola said the dinner took place about 15 years ago when he was still playing in the AFL.

Due to his gambling addiction, Fevola’s finances were being managed by his wife at the time.

“I’m on a wage from Alex, and I said, ‘Just give us $100 because that’s all I’m going to need,’ so she put $100 into my account,” Fevola recalled on radio this morning.

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The dinner was held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne and there were 20 people in the group including Warnie and poker champion Joe Hachem.

“All I had was literally a steak,” Fevola told his radio co-hosts. “I didn’t have any alcohol, no entree, just a steak.

“At the end, the bill came to $22,000 because the boys were drinking. They’d all been drinking $1000 bottles of red.”

Rather than everyone paying their share, Fevola said they decided to play “card roulette”.

“Everyone had to put their credit card into a bowl. Whoever’s card is drawn out has to pay the bill,” Fevola explained.

“I had my Commonwealth debit card (loaded with $100), it wasn’t even a credit card. I was that nervous … I was sweating bullets.”

Luckily for Fevola, Joe Hachem’s card was picked out from the bowl.

“He paid for the whole lot,” Fevola said. “He (Hachem) said it was the third time in a row he’d been out with those boys and had to pay.”

Fevola’s radio offsider, Fifi Box, didn’t find the story too amusing.

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