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Dramatic moment Taliban fighters charge at CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, demanding she cover her face

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Afghan women and girls terrified of their future under the Taliban

The dramatic moment Taliban fighters charged at a CNN reporter and brandished AK-47s at her crew while demanding she cover her face was caught on camera.

Clarissa Ward was reporting from Kabul Airport on Wednesday when she was approached by a Taliban fighter holding a truncheon who demanded through an interpreter that she hide her face.

She told those watching that he was claiming the US is to blame for the chaotic scenes as Afghans try to enter the airport and flee the country.

“The cause of all this is America in Afghanistan,” he reportedly told her.

“Look at these people. America is really acting unfairly toward them. Why are they lying and telling them they can go to America? Why don’t they stay and help their country?”

Ms Ward was then reportedly told that the fighter did not wish to speak to her.

She tells viewers her crew is leaving to avoid confrontation but they were followed by Afghans desperate to show off their paperwork and ask for help in gaining access to the airport.

“I don’t want this guy to whip you,” she tells one man as she calls on him to move forward and more angered Taliban fighters approach.

“He worked in American camps and can’t get into the airport,” she says.

“Taliban fighters are a little upset with us,” Ms Ward continues.

She and the crew decide to move back to the car as Taliban fighters take the safety off their AK47s and push through the crowd.

Ms Ward is urged to “stay behind him [the fighter].”

“These Taliban fighters are hopped up on adrenaline or I don’t know what, it’s a very dicey situation,” she says before they are suddenly rushed.

The Taliban are seen raising the but of their rifles toward CNN producer Brent Swailes.

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