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Dyson Supersonic review: Flyaway attachment game-changer for straight hair

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Dyson has come out with a new and innovative hair styling tool for its already unique hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic.

It aims to smooth flyaways (those short hairs that stick up and into the air) without needing to use extreme heat, which can be incredibly damaging to your hair.

The new tool is called the ‘Dyson Flyaway attachment’ and when you see it you’ll probably think, ‘What the frizz?’

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This attachment aims to beat out the well known ‘brush and blow dryer technique’ that helps minimise flyaways while straightening, smoothing out or finishing your hairstyle.

If you don’t know it by name, it’s still likely that you’ve noticed this common, yet skilful technique, used by hair stylists.

As I understand it, when you blow dry hair down, at just the right angle, against a round brush it helps to push the flyaways deeper into your hair and out of sight.

This is great as your hair ends up looking smoother and neater instead of looking frizzy. I’ve had this done by many different hair stylists and, while it works well, it takes a fair amount of time and, most unfortunately, I’m unable to do it by myself at home.

However, using the Dyson Supersonic with this attachment is another story.

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I’ll be upfront, my hair is styled aggressively wavy so I don’t use the attachment every time I do my hair as the tool has somewhat of a flattening effect, but it’s a game changer for people with straight hair.

On my own wavy hair, I’ve used this tool to smooth out the frizzy flyaways around my part, which worked fantastically well.

Then I tested this with some friends who have straight hair and the results were amazing. It only takes one hand to move the Supersonic (with flyaway attachment) from the middle of your part, down and along your hair, to get rid of flyaways.

Surprisingly, even when hair is freshly straightened and looking neat, it actually doesn’t look ‘finished’ once you’ve seen the difference that the Flyaway attachment can make.

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