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Every Guardians Of The Galaxy Actor That Appeared In The Suicide Squad

By looper , in Movies , at August 10, 2021

Life can be a funny thing. For instance, if writer-director James Gunn hadn’t gotten fired from (and eventually re-hired by) Marvel, he might never have had the possibility to direct “The Suicide Squad.” However, things went down the way they did, the world netted a characteristically Gunn-ified DC Extended Universe movie, and you’ll still get a “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” at some point down the line. How cool is that?

Gunn’s involvement means that despite the fact that “The Suicide Squad” is a DCEU movie, his irreverent, comedic style will remind many of his work with the Marvel Cinematic Universe … and the fact that the movie’s “Rain” trailer openly touts Gunn as “the director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy'” happily enforces this image. The director has not shied away from the association, either, as Gunn made sure to bring some of his “Guardians” actors in “The Suicide Squad” mix. Here’s every “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor that appears in “The Suicide Squad.”

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