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Ex-AFL star Jason Akermanis creates his own cryptocurrency Zucoin

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In the 11 years since he retired from AFL, ex-Brisbane Lions star Jason Akermanis hasn’t given up on fame and has since turned his attention to cryptocurrency.

Last Tuesday, he launched his own Australian cryptocurrency, Zucoin, which he expects to make in excess of $6 billion.

“It’s simply a much better product than bitcoin,” Mr Akermanis told, expecting it to rock the crypto world in coming months.

“The biggest problem in crypto – we call them the triennial problem. You’ve got cost, speed – it could take four minutes or four hours (to mine crypto) — and then you’ve got scalability.

“Zucoin solves every problem.

“The cost is a text message, the speed is an instant.”

Zucoin has been four years in the making and it’s cost $23 million to get up and running.

Mr Akermanis, 44, says they’ve already made that money back in the week since the platform launched.

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There are 1843 people who have purchased at least one Zucoin, at time of writing.

A lot of them are investors who bought the coins off the market.

“At least a tenth of them came through me direct,” Mr Akermanis added.

“They (the coinholders) vary from buying one to 300,000 coins.

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