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Ex-gymnastics coach jailed for raping massage client

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A former gymnastics coach has been jailed for raping a massage client while she was frozen with fear on his table.

Michael Stelios Sergides was sentenced to five years and nine months jail with three years and six months non-parole in the County Court of Victoria on Tuesday for rape and sexual assault.

It is the 75-year-old Clyde North man’s first time in custody.

Judge Martine Marich said the victim found Sergides on Gumtree while she was looking for a mobile masseuse to come to her house, as she was experiencing aches and pains.

He claimed he was having car trouble and asked her to come to his house instead for a $60 massage, sending a copy of his massage certifications that have since been disqualified.

She arrived about 8.45pm on June 26, 2018.

Sergides asked her to take off her underwear, claiming it was easier to perform the massage.

He then felt up her backside, private parts and breasts.

Afterwards he asked her if she wanted her “p***y” massaged and she said no.

“I always ask,” he replied.

The victim told the court she felt “frozen, worthless and empty” during the sick assault.

She handed him the $60, ran to her car, and called her mum and a friend before going to the police.

She said after the rape she found it hard to trust anyone.

“Most nights I have trouble falling and staying asleep; flashbacks are a common occurrence,” she told the court.

“I felt as though he had changed me for the worst.

“However, it is with great pride I can say I worked hard to heal and become the strong woman I am today.”

Sergides pleaded not guilty but was found guilty of rape and sexual assault by Judge Marich in a judge-alone trial.

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