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Fans Of The 1986 Transformers Movie Just Got The Best News

By looper , in Movies , at July 29, 2021

There are various cinematic moments where you enter the theater as a child and walk out an adult. For some, it was when Arliss had to put down his beloved dog in “Old Yeller.” For others, it was watching the life story of Carl and Ellie in Pixar’s “Up” that ended with Carl as a widower. But then, for a generation of moviegoers, the saddest moment to ever take place on the big screen was the death of Optimus Prime in 1986’s “Transformers: The Movie.”

Even now that the “Transformers” franchise has become a hot live-action commodity, the original animated film still holds a special place in people’s hearts. It shows off the Autobots and Decepticons in a manner most people like to see them where they battle over control of Cybertron. Not only that, but the film has also gained cult status for its stellar voice acting cast, including Leonard Nimoy, Casey Kasem, and Orson Welles

The movie may have been designed to sell toys, but that doesn’t stop it from being nostalgically entertaining to an extent. Now, there’s good news for fans of the film who want to relive their childhood. The movie’s coming back to theaters for a limited time in honor of its 35th anniversary.

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