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Finks bikie gives account to court of rival’s shooting in alleged Instagram honeytrap plot

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A patched Finks bikie has told a court he sat in a car watching Snapchat stories out of sight while a rival club member was shot four times in the head and chest.

Ali Hussein gave evidence on Tuesday in a Melbourne Magistrates Court committal hearing against six Finks associates fighting attempted murder charges: Ugur Okanlar, Athar Almatrah, Joseph Opapo, Poiva Sita, Tavita Sua and Sione Hokafonu.

The six are accused of using a honeytrap plot to shoot Mongol bikie Rocco Curra on August 1, 2019, after luring him to a Bulleen address with a fake female Instagram account.

Mr Curra survived the shooting.

His car was sprayed with 12 bullets while he was inside, with four hitting him.

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