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Germany’s cycling team director sent packing after foul racist remarks during Olympics time trial

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The sporting director of Germany’s cycling team has been sent packing from the Olympics after he was sprung shouting racist comments during a time trial.

Patrick Moster made several foul remarks about African athletes while attempting to encourage German rider Nikias Arndt during Thursday’s trial in Fuji.

“Get the camel drivers,” Mr Moster yelled multiple times in reference to Algeria’s Azzedine Lagab, from Algeria, and Eritrea’s Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier, from Eritrea.

Commentator for German broadcaster ARD, Florian Nass, called out the language immediately after hearing it, labelling it “totally wrong”.

“Words fail me. Something like that has no place in sport,” he said.

Mr Moster issued an apology after realising his vile comments had been broadcast for the world to hear.

“In the heat of the moment and with the overall burden that we have here at the moment, my choice of words was not appropriate,” he told German news agency DPA.

“I am extremely sorry and can only offer my sincere apologies. I didn’t want to offend anyone.”

While his apology was believed to be sincere, he was still given marching orders by the German Olympic Committee.

“We are convinced that his official apology for the racist comment is sincere. However Mr Moster has stepped over the line and violated the Olympic values. Fair play, respect and tolerance are not negotiable for Team ‘D’,” President Alfons Hoermann said in a statement.

The committee added that Mr Moster would not only be returning to Germany, but would also be removed as the national cycling team leader.

Arndt spoke out following the scandal, saying he too did not condone Mr Moster’s choice of words.

“I’m horrified and I want to say clearly that I have nothing to do with these remarks, the words used were unacceptable,” he said in a tweet.

The matter sparked widespread uproar across social media, with African cycling advocacy group Team Africa Rising calling on Mr Moster’s “immediate resignation”.

Lagab, one of the riders targeted by Mr Moster, attempted to make light of the situation.

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