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Good questions to ask a recruiter or employer when calling about a job advertisement

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What are some good questions jobseekers should ask when they call about a job ad?

Lisa Morris



When you call for more information about an advertised job, your aim is to confirm you are a suitable candidate. If your application is unlikely to be considered, your time would be better spent on applying for a more suitable job. So, focus your questions on learning more about the ideal candidate, such as the priority skills sought, the “must haves” and the overall key objective of the role. Make sure you frame your questions in a way that helps you clarify any details that are not clear in the advertisement, rather than information you could have found online. You could also ask about the hiring manager’s expectations regarding the application, such as how many pages your CV should be, if anything in particular should be emphasised and how long the screening process will take.

Megan Nicholson

Andrew Sullivan

Managing director,

Sullivan Consulting

A general rule of thumb is to ask specific questions instead of broad or general questions, as job descriptions will often provide the answer to most broad questions. If a comprehensive job description is not available, feel free to ask for one! It is usually worthwhile to ask about a company’s workplace culture, as it will significantly affect your employment experience and can be difficult to describe in writing. Hours or scheduling, workplace arrangements, expected skills, and in some cases, salary are some other important topics to touch on.

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