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Here’s Where You Can Watch Midsommar

By looper , in Movies , at August 20, 2021

Few genre filmmakers have ever made quite as big a splash with their debut movie as Ari Aster did with 2018’s “Hereditary.” Even as that unholy “family drama” left many a viewer’s heads, ahem, firmly dislodged, Aster proved with his jaw-dropping follow-up that he was just getting warmed up. Warm was the order of the day for Aster’s 2019 day-time horror masterpiece Midsommar,” which shocked even those who expected troves of physical and emotional gore galore after enduring the cinematic nightmare that was “Hereditary.”

Aster’s twisted tale of a relationship gone wrong in ways too brutal to imagine delivers heaping doses of both as Dani (Florence Pugh), Chrisian (Jack Reynor), and a handful of fellow travelers venture into the Swedish countryside in search of a legendary midsummer festival, only to find themselves ensnared in — well, to spoil that turn of events would be to take the proverbial piss out of the film altogether. Out of respect for those who’ve yet to venture into the wild’s of Aster’s gruesome “breakup movie,” nothing more will be said of the many twists spotting the “Midsommar” narrative. If you’re now desperate to see the carnage unfold for yourself, you can indeed do so in the streaming realm.  

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