Thursday, October 21, 2021
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In A Biskit crackers return to Woolworths

By , in Lifestyle , at August 10, 2021

It’s been an exciting time for Aussies and their snacks.

Not only have we seen the return of Tasty Toobs after years of campaigning, but cracker classic In A Biskit is also making a comeback.

The beloved cracker snack was cruelly ripped from our hands in 2015 but has this week has reappeared on shelves in Woolworths across Australia.

It’s available in two flavours: Chicken In A Biskit and Drumstix In A Biskit.

TikTok user @georgieporgiexoxo was among the first to get their hands on the biscuit, telling others to “run don’t walk to Woolworths”.

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Her video has since racked up more than 746,000 views, with shoppers excited by the return, even if they didn’t quite believe their eyes at first.

“No way please, this has to be real!!!” one person wrote.

“Is this legit, please be so,” another commented.

“I’ve waited so long for this day,” one person also commented.

News on In A Biskit was also shared in the Facebook group Old Shops Australia where people were equally as elated by having their “prayers answered”.

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“OMG I just mentioned these the other day saying I wish they still had them!!!” one shopper commented.

“So excited!!”

“I just gasped out loud, I loooooooove Dixie drumsticks,” another wrote.

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