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Infidels, insurgents, spies: Afghan tells Roberts-Smith trial SAS hated like Taliban

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Ben Roberts-Smith walks in to Sydney Federal Court

An Afghan who witnessed an allegedly murderous SAS raid on his village hates “infidel” foreigners because they are “cruel” just like the Taliban, a court has heard.

The man, who now lives in fear of Taliban spies, says his village did not harbour an insurgent who betrayed Aussie Diggers in cold blood.

Ben Roberts-Smith’s barrister spent Thursday questioning farmer Man Gul who lives in the village of Darwan, Afghanistan.

Man Gul had told the court he was bound and interrogated by a “big soldier” and a Pashto interpreter from the SAS during a Coalition raid in 2012.

Mr Gul told the court he was detained alongside farmer Ali Jan and Mr Jan’s relative Mohammed Hanifa.

The SAS were searching for a man called Hekmatullah, codenamed JUNGLE EFFECT.

Hekmatullah was a Taliban mole who had enlisted in the Afghan National Army only to betray Australian allies in their own base.

He shot and killed three Diggers as they played cards sparking a manhunt by the SAS that led them to Darwan.

Mr Gul told the court his interrogators were asking where the Taliban was – and he said he didn’t know.

The villager told the court the “infidel” SAS soldiers were “cruel to us” just like the Taliban.

“I do not agree with the Taliban,” Mr Gul said on Thursday.

“The Taliban have done injustices to us. The foreigners have also done injustices to us.”

Moments later, Mr Gul said, the SAS took Mr Jan and Mr Hanifa outside the house.

Nine claims Mr Roberts-Smith kicked Mr Jan in the chest and he fell off a cliff and into the dry creek bed below.

Mr Hanifa, this week, told the court he saw “the big soldier” kick his uncle.

Mr Gul told the court he didn’t see what happened to Mr Jan but heard weapons firing from both Coalition helicopters and small-arms fire outside the home.

The bound villager said he called his daughter to cut him free before he spoke to Mr Hanifa.

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