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Intellivision Amico Release Date, Games List, Specs And Pre-Order Info

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Back in 2018, the Intellivision Amico was announced in a surprise YouTube video from Intellivision. Fans were beyond excited, especially for those who had the original Intellivision growing up. Now, three years later, the console is finally close to its release.

The original Intellivision from 1979 was meant to be a competitor to the ultra-popular Atari, according to TechSpot’s Cal Jeffrey. The console was pretty ahead of its time in some ways, like its graphics and sound technology, but other things, like its keyboard attachment, weren’t so hot.

Now, Intellivision is ready to reenter the gaming scene with a newer, updated console called the Amico. With plenty of unique games — and the potential for remakes of older games — people are ready to play.

The release for the console has been a bit up in the air though, and fans are still in the dark on an actual date they can purchase the Amico.


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