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Is Hamish Blake commentating the rowing at the Olympics?

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An overly familiar voice commentating the Tokyo Olympics rowing has left viewers feeling a bit suspicious about the legitimacy of the information being relayed.

The man behind the expert commentary is Australian rowing legend Nick Green – but his voice has raised eyebrows due to its striking similarity to another Aussie icon.

Viewers almost couldn’t believe their ears while watching the men’s lightweight double sculls event on Wednesday, many mistaking Green’s voice for that of comedian Hamish Blake.

While experts in their respective fields, Blake was the last person viewers expected to hear divulging intricate details about rowing.

“Nick Green on comms sounds like Hamish Blake and I’m enjoying picturing Hamish pretending to know he’s across the intricacies of rowing,” one viewer tweeted.

Someone else thought Green had a slight edge on Blake’s voice.

“Not sure who is commentating but he sounds like a posh Hamish Blake,” they wrote.

“Anyone else keep thinking Hamish Blake is commentating this? I’m waiting for the Lego challenge,” someone else said.

A fourth said the strange likeness was making it hard for him to focus on the event.

“Anyone else having trouble taking the rowing completely seriously because Nick Green sounds like Hamish Blake?” his tweet read.

Another suggested that Channel 7 had in fact employed Blake to commentate the event.

“Have Channel 7 just got Hamish Blake commentating and saying it’s Nick Green?” they wrote.

“Is it just me or does the guy commentating the rowing sound like Hamish Blake,” another person said.

Another viewer argued it was almost believable that Blake had “fluked” his way into an Olympic commentary job.

“Nick Green on the rowing commentary sounds a whole lot like Hamish Blake and I can only imagine Ham has fluked his way into a commentary position and is improvising his rowing insight,” he wrote.

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