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Is The Prince Of Tides A True Story?

By looper , in Movies , at July 29, 2021

“The Prince of Tides” is considered a classic movie by many fans, and when we look back at its success, it’s easy to see why. Released in 1991, the movie served as Barabara Streisand‘s second project, where she directed while also starring alongside Nick Nolte (via Criterion). It was nominated for seven Oscars (per Jezebel) and managed to win over many film critics like Roger Ebert. He felt that the movie had truly cemented Streisand as a successful director.

The classic drama deals with a man named Tom Wingo (Nolte), who is forced to confront his psychological trauma from his childhood in the south while detailing it to a psychiatrist named Dr. Susan Lowenstein (Streisand). While the movie has been out for decades, some fans are discovering the beloved drama for the first time, thanks to its recent addition on HBO Max. It might be surprising that “The Prince of Tides” is an adaptation of a book, and as dark and serious as the film’s plot is, it’s actually rooted from a writer’s troubled upbringing.

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