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‘Is this a joke?’: Mum’s outrage over exorbitant Kmart delivery charge for one bean bag

By , in Lifestyle , at August 10, 2021

As Zoe ordered one bean bag and three bag of beans on Kmart’s site – her eyes almost popped out of her head when she looked at the grand total.

She was so gobsmacked at the numbers staring back at her that she shared it on a Kmart Facebook page with the caption, “Is this a joke? To get a bean bag and the beans delivered $190.66.”

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The four items came to $84 – but the total was a whopping $190.66 due to the $106.66 regional delivery fee as the mum lives on the NSW Central Coast.

Mum charged $100 Kmart delivery

Many other Kmart fans chimed in to give their thoughts on the matter.

“Kmart has one of the worst online ordering and delivery systems I’ve ever seen, it’s embarrassing for a company of that size,” one said.

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Kmart accused of being ‘so greedy’

One woman became so fed up with the retail store that she jumped ship to their closest competitor.

“Kmart are so greedy,” she said. “Delivery is so expensive, takes forever and half the time broken or missing items. Their website always has something wrong and their database is a joke. Big W is amazing. Goods might cost a bit more but better quality and worth it.”

Another disgruntled customer detailed a very frustrating experience she had with ordering online through Kmart.

“Kmart delivery is ridiculous,” she wrote.

“I ordered a bed head and mattress from them and they charged delivery for both items. Bed head was cancelled by them as apparently out of stock (even though still saying available online). They refunded the price of the bed head but kept the delivery fee for it which I thought was weird. Tried calling and emailing them but got nowhere.”

Then there were those who shared how they got around the hefty delivery costs.

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