Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Lawsuits That Brought Movies To A Screeching Halt

By looper , in Movies , at August 20, 2021

Just about anyone who has spent a decent amount of time in show business has faced the threat of a lawsuit. After all, people need to protect their intellectual property, and lawyers need to get paid. Most litigation happens after a movie has been released, or happens so early in development that it barely registers. Oftentimes it never goes past the threat phase, leaving it a footnote to a footnote.

Then there are the rare few lawsuits that stopped movies dead in their tracks. Often, this takes the form of injunctions or temporary restraining orders that briefly block a film’s release. Sometimes it happens while the movie is in production, leaving everyone involved in limbo. Sometimes the distributor is just bad at their job and needs a legal kick in the pants to get going. Here are a few times that movies couldn’t get released due to legal action.

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