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MCU Storylines That Disappeared Without A Trace

By looper , in Movies , at July 29, 2021

Part of what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so much fun is how plotlines can not only expand over multiple movies but get satisfying pay-offs. Just look at the journey of Captain America, which spanned nearly a decade and ended on an emotionally affecting note that brought his story back to the woman he loved. Ditto the saga of Iron Man, which saw a man who once cared only for himself sacrificing himself for all of existence. The way these plotlines can breathe over years and years makes their resolutions all the more gratifying. But that doesn’t mean that every single storyline in the MCU has gotten a proper ending.

In fact, several storylines in this expansive franchise have ended up just fizzling out entirely despite being tailor-made for exciting continuations. Everything from teases of famous supervillains to seemingly critical relationships centered around certain superheroes has gotten shockingly little in the way of concrete resolution. The reasons are varied for why a franchise that prides itself on offering up cathartic resolutions of existing plotlines would abandon these narrative threads. In some cases, it’s due to a certain sequel not getting made while other stories are victims of the MCU’s narrative focus shifting to other priorities. Whatever caused these plotlines to remain unresolved, they now stick out like a sore thumb in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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