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Melbourne McDonald‘s customer reveals Baileys frappé hack

By , in Lifestyle , at August 9, 2021

If you’re in lockdown right now then we don’t blame you for wanting an extra, ahem, kick in your Macca’s order.

But while McDonald’s doesn’t feature alcohol on its menu in Australia, one locked-down fan has come up with an “amazing” way to change up one of the fast food chain’s most popular drinks.

TikTok user @jay.santilli posted a video of her mixing Bailey’s and a Macca’s Frappé together.

“McBaileys Frappé … you can think me later,” she captioned the video, also adding the hashtag #lockdown and #melbourne.

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@jay.santilli’s video has since been viewed more than 266,000 times, with some saying they were “on my way to Macca’s now” to try the hack.

“OMG that looks amazing,” one person wrote, while another labelled it “the best”.

“This speaks to me on a spiritual level,” one commenter said.

“I mean I’m not in lockdown but looks like a plan,” another Macca’s fan commented.

“Why have I never thought of this,” one person wrote.
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‘Best’ McDonald’s dessert hack

If you’re after a dessert idea, last month TikTok was awash with videos of people combining Macca’s apple pies with a plain vanilla sundae for the ultimate dessert.

TikTok user @foodwithmichel, who is known for reviewing different food hacks, gave the combo his blessing.

“Open the apple pie and go ahead and dunk it into the soft serve,” he demonstrated in his video.

“Afterwards you’re going to want to use your spoon and break up the apple into the soft serve. Do it for a good minute or so.

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