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Netball vents its frustration with footballers breaking the rules

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Briony Akle talks in the NSW Swifts huddle

All Australian sports have been hit hard by the ongoing complications surrounding COVID-19, but one could argue that women’s sport has felt a greater impact over the past two years, considering many are run on much smaller budgets and female athletes receive less remuneration and fewer opportunities.

This quote from former US Olympics baseball pitcher Cheri Kempf sums it up best:

Yet, the amount of sportsmen that have complained about the sustainability of hubs and pay cuts, or breached the biosecurity rules during this time, may have made you think otherwise.

While many male athletes have taken their privileges for granted and struggled to follow the rules, expressing how tough it has been, female athletes have been working hard in the background – often jumping through hoops to ensure their competitions go ahead.

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