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Reality of Cate Campbell’s ‘choke’ at 2016 Rio Olympics

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Cate Campbell was struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel after the last Olympics in Rio.

A gold medal favourite in the 100m freestyle, Campbell called her swim in the final “possibly the greatest choke in Olympic history”, as she finished well off the podium in sixth.

There were some dark times in the aftermath of that race, before the Aussie star took some time away from swimming to enjoy life without the constant pressure of competition.

Campbell’s failure to medal in her pet individual event was one of the biggest stories from Team Australia to come out of the 2016 Games. But how you look at it all depends on perspective — something Campbell’s mum Jenny knows all about.

“It wasn’t something fatal that happened to her. It was a really hard thing to deal with, but it’s not something that ended her career or changed who she was or how she could perform in the future,” Jenny told ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

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