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Ryan Reynolds’ Biggest Blockbusters And Biggest Bombs

By looper , in Movies , at August 20, 2021

Before Ryan Reynolds became “America’s Favorite Canadian Ryan” (with all due respect to his fellow former Mouseketeer, Ryan Gosling) he was once going to become … honestly, we’re not sure. Next action star? He tried that in “Blade: Trinity,” and it didn’t work. Next Seann William Scott? “Van Wilder” was pretty popular, but just like the title character couldn’t be a party boy forever, Reynolds couldn’t play one forever either. Next king of romantic comedy? Kinda, but he was no challenger to Matthew McConaughey’s romantic comedy crown. 

Truth is, Reynolds was all of the above, and none of the above, which is why his film career floundered for more than a decade. Reynolds was in the dreaded spot of “everybody knows who this guy is, but nobody sees his movies.” Reynolds was even considered “box office poison.” Now? He’s one of the few genuine “butts-in-seats” draws working in Hollywood today, with career earnings totaling $3.6 billion domestically and $6 billion worldwide. Sure enough, a big chunk of that change came in the past five years alone. 

Reynolds’ career is interesting, as many of his lowest-grossing movies also had modest budgets, so they still managed to make money. So this isn’t a definitive countdown, but a compilation of his biggest hits — and misses. We’ll also estimate his movies’ profitability using the rule-of-thumb that a movie needs to double its budget to make money. Which movies make this list? Here are Ryan Reynolds’ biggest blockbusters and biggest bombs!

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