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Sunrise’s Kochie fumes at Josh Frydenberg over lack of mandatory vaccine policy

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Kochie's fury over lack of vaccine mandates (Sunrise)

Sunrise host David Koch has fired up over the federal government’s refusal to make employers mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for staff.

He told federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Tuesday the government was being ‘wishy-washy’, and said it was ‘stupid’ that the vaccine would remain optional.

Last week, national cabinet met to discuss the issue of employers seeking to mandate that employees be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison opted against a blanket rule and determined such a decision should be at the discretion of the employer.

“As part of the announcement, the Prime Minister explained that official government advice has said that there may be situations where it is reasonable for employers to require an employee to be vaccinated,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s office read.

“This advice included considering issues such as the reasonableness of any employer direction and the application of anti-discrimination laws. The Prime Minister acknowledged that ultimately employers need to consider these issues and make their own decisions appropriate to their workplace.”

However, Sunrise host Koch said this didn’t pass the pub test, unleashing an extraordinary rant.

“I can’t visit my mate at a nursing home unless I have a flu shot,” he said. “Can I sue the nursing home for being discriminatory?

“When we went to Rio for the (2016) Olympics, you made me have a yellow fever injection and wouldn’t let me back in (to Australia) unless I had one. Can I sue you?

“What if I get sick from my colleague here that is unvaccinated, can I sue my employer?

“This is stupid. You‘ve got to give clear guidelines to say that people should be vaccinated. It‘s a health emergency.”

Mr Frydenberg responded, “It will depend upon the individual circumstances.”

But Koch interjected, “That’s too wishy- washy … I think you’re leaving employers out to dry.”

Mr Frydenberg pointed to Fair Work Australia’s guidelines on vaccinations.

“If you look at the guidelines, it made it very clear that it does depend on the situation.

“We are working through the issues, but we have a broad principle, and that principle is that the vaccine is voluntary not mandatory.

“We’ve made some exceptions and particular areas, namely quarantine and aged care. As for other areas, it will go to the reasonable direction by the employer.”

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