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Swooping magpie behind tragic fatal accident seized by Brisbane City Council after baby dies

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Adrian Schrinner on fatal Magpie incident

Authorities have revealed the fate of a particularly aggressive swooping magpie, that was behind a tragic accident involving a mother and her baby.

Five-month-old Mia was rushed to hospital on Sunday with critical injuries after her mum, attempting to duck a swooping magpie, fell while holding her.

Mia, whose name was today shared on a GoFundMe set up by friends of the family, tragically died yesterday.

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The incident occurred at Glindemann Park in Holland Park, in Brisbane’s south, just after midday on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters earlier today, Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said he had ordered an “urgent” investigation into why the magpie had been kept at Glindemann Park, despite council receiving a number of complaints about its behaviour.

Numerous people living in Holland Park have said the magpie injured them to the point of drawing blood.

Mr Schrinner said the situation was “impossible to predict” but that the council was looking into what policies could be improved to ensure it would not be repeated.

“To see the loss of five-month-old young Mia in such tragic circumstances is something that has shocked the community to the absolute core,” he said.

“This is something no one wants to see happen, something that has never happened before and something we want to make sure never happens again.”

Mr Schrinner said the magpie had been seized by council workers and had since been moved “a long way away”.

Magpies are a protected species across all of Australia and it is a serious offence to harm or kill them.

“The bird has been moved well outside of the urban area and into a place where it can’t come back to Holland Park. That is an option we have available to us and one we use from time to time,” he said.

Research has shown magpies moved at least 50km away (in a straight line) from their nest are unlikely to return. Observations done by wildlife organisations in Australia also show the female usually pairs up with another male bird who then “adopts” her chicks.

The Lord Mayor said the bird was “far enough” away so that “it won’t be coming back to Holland Park”.

“We know that locating it to another suburban area is not the right idea so it’s been taken out to the bush,” he said.

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