Monday, October 18, 2021
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Sydneysiders shiver through coldest morning of the year

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Sydneysiders have woken to the coldest morning of the year as winter truly sets in across the state.

Temperatures dipped to 5.6C at Observatory Hill at 6.30am, marking the coldest morning since 5.8C was recorded on June 11.

It was particularly cold in the city’s south and west. In Richmond, the temperature dipped below freezing to -0.8C, while it was also icy in Camden (0.1C) and Campbelltown (1.2C).

It was a little warmer on Sydney Harbour which experienced a low of 7.3C just after 6am and Bellambi, on the coast near Wollongong, dipped to 8.1C at 5.45am.

According to the weather bureau it was also freezing in the nation’s capital with Canberra recording an overnight low of -4.7C at 3.30am.

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