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Tanya Hennessy: Australian comedian surviving Sydney lockdown better than anyone

By , in Lifestyle , at July 29, 2021

Tanya Hennessy may just be surviving Sydney’s second lockdown better than anyone else.

“I live on my couch,” she says.

“I have written three books on that couch, watched too much RuPaul’s Drag Race on that couch and have eaten too much Uber Eats on that couch. It has a dent from my butt.”

Tanya also jokes she is a “professional napper” whiling away the hours on her alfresco day bed.

“It’s a great chance to write outside and feel like you’re at a resort in Byron. But you’re most certainly not. There is a kid who plays the cello in our area and it’s the hardest thing to listen to someone learn a cello.”

Tanya was hard at work prior to the shut down launching a Models Prefer makeup range called How Good Is Bread?, followed by the The Carb Collection 2.0 and releasing a new children’s book, Drum Roll Please, It’s Stevie Louise.

“It’s a mix of The Baby-Sitters Club and Hating Alison Ashley – but funnier.”

While her career is going gangbusters, she says the home front could use some attention.

“I’m so terrible, nothing matches, there is no theme, I don’t know what I am doing.”

Having rented in the inner-west of Sydney for several years with her boyfriend Tom, Tanya says their next home must have a pool.

“I really want a pool. I’m a Scorpio and grew up in Newcastle so I’m a hardcore water baby.”

Who: Comedian Tanya Hennessy.

Where: Inner-city townhouse with boyfriend Tom Poole.

Favourite thing: Sunglasses – the obsession with sunnies is real. I have to stop myself from buying them. I had my school photos taken with sunnies on my head, I just love them. Plus, sunnies always fit.

Inspiration: My interior decor is just a concoction of whatever is on sale at Westfield.

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