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The Block ‘fans’ turn on each other after broken bed rule

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Broken rules from “The Block Bible” have resulted in tensions and early alliances on site, with this season shaping up to be a dramatic one already.

In Monday night’s episode of The Block Fans v Faves, twins Luke and Josh and married couple Tanya and Vito teamed up to turn on country singer Kirsty and her husband Jesse — labelling them “rude” after an awkward clash over a bed.

It comes after the twins had their own run-in with Kirsty and Jesse on Sunday night over using their tradies to paint, breaking “the golden rule” of the competition.

Meanwhile, TheBlock “faves” Ronnie and Georgia and Mitch and Mark have kept their distance from the rookie teams, musing that it’s very “us and them”.


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Monday’s clash kicked off after the couples chose their houses, with Tanya and Vito scoring the “challenge house” complete with three established bedrooms from the first task.

But while The Block rule book stipulates that whoever wins the challenge house is entitled to keep everything in it, Kirsty and Jesse tried to claim the items from their winning room, resulting in an uncomfortable stand-off.

“Kirsty and I had a little bit of a moment,” makeup artist Tanya told producers, revealing that a crew member had alerted her to the fact that Kirsty and Jesse had swooped in to retrieve the pieces.

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On realising the couple had raided their house, Tanya confronted Kirsty and asked to at least leave the beds.

“We’re keeping the bed, we’re keeping all three beds. We’re allowed to,” Tanya had said, to which Kirsty, seemingly unaware of the rule, replied: “What do you mean you’re keeping our bed?,” before adding: “Hey, I’m cheering I don’t have to carry this f***ing bed over there.”

“You don’t want the bedhead? It’s cute as,” Tanya then asked, to which Kirsty refused with a short “Yeah, so you can have it then.”

While only a minor clash that ended with a hug, Tanya was quick to fill in the rest of the cast with a slightly dramatised version of events.

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