Monday, October 25, 2021
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The Dumbest Line In Every DCEU Movie

By looper , in Movies , at July 27, 2021

With a series of films as divisive as the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), it’s fair to say that the movies aren’t to everybody’s taste. Whether it’s because of changes that creators chose to make to the source material or issues with pacing, tone, or content, DC’s attempt at a shared cinematic superhero universe has had its fair share of blunders amid its successes, but there are some lines in each film that leave just about everybody scratching their heads. 

Whether it’s Superman and Batman screaming “Martha!” at each other in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” or Steppenwolf creepily calling a bunch of boxes “mother” in Joss Whedon’s “Justice League,” even the films’ most fervent fans and ardent supporters will come across that one line they’ll choose to ignore and pretend never happened. Though time will tell how many movies and lines might be added to the bunch in the years to come, here are the dumbest lines from each film that has been released to date. 

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