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The Ending Of Black Island Explained

By looper , in Movies , at August 20, 2021

Netflix’s latest intense thriller “Black Island” is set in a picturesque oceanside town. But don’t let the scenery fool you — it’s one twisted ride. It stars Philip Froissant as a young man named Jonas Hansen, who lives with his grandfather Friedrich (Hanns Zischler) after both of his parents are killed. A year after their deaths, we catch up with Jonas as he attends classes, flirts with his friend Nina Cohrs (Mercedes Müller), and works toward his goal of becoming a writer.

Everything changes when a substitute named Helena Jung (Alice Dwyer) is hired as a temporary replacement for the regular teacher after they’re hurt in an accident. While at first glance Helena appears to be an approachable, enthusiastic teacher, she soon reveals her toxic nature as she seduces Jonas and becomes increasingly violent. Things escalate as Nina becomes determined to discover the truth behind Helena’s intentions, which results in an intense and mind-boggling conclusion.

Let’s take a look at the ending of “Black Island” and the fates of those at the center of the thriller.

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