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The Real Reason The Unborn Was Sued

By looper , in Movies , at August 20, 2021

In 2009, David S. Goyer, a filmmaker and screenwriter who developed the scripts for “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” directed an original horror project called “The Unborn.” The film was a modest box office success, pulling in $76 million worldwide on its $16 million budget, per, although reviews on Rotten Tomatoes were almost universally critical.

For anyone who missed it, “The Unborn” told the story of Casey (Odette Annable), a young woman who experiences terrifying hallucinations amid a shocking series of events, including the unexplainable death of an infant she babysits. After Casey’s eyes mysteriously change color, she seeks out the guidance of her father (James Remar) and grandmother (Jane Alexander).

Casey’s grandmother and father reveal that she had a twin who died in the womb and relates the family’s history of encounters with a malevolent spirit called a dybbuk, leading her to contact a Rabbi to perform an exorcism. Rabbi Sendak (Gary Oldman) completes the exorcism, but not before a titanic battle with the spirit of her unborn twin. Once the spirit is defeated, Casey finally finds out why the mysterious events began occurring — she is pregnant with twins.

While that may not be the most original exorcism story, it did have a few unique twists. However, those twists caught the eye of the estate of author Erna Segal, which noticed a couple of significant similarities between the film and a 1990 novel. Here is the real reason why “The Unborn” was sued.

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