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The Sordid History Of Resident Evil Comics

By looper , in Gaming , at August 10, 2021 Tags: , , , ,

Comics based on video games are few and far between, as only the most popular games seem to warrant a conversion to ink and paper. Capcom once had dreams of expanding the world of “Resident Evil” to comic-reading audiences, but those plans didn’t always work out the way fans might have expected.

Long ago, when “Resident Evil” was still in its infancy, Capcom tried to reel in as many potential fans as possible with a line of comic books. However, instead of putting its best foot forward and winning over readers, the “Resident Evil” comics stumbled out of the gate with all the grace of a shambling zombie.

While Capcom managed to turn “Resident Evil” into one of the greatest horror game franchises of all time, that was in spite of the cross-media curse. Many audiences remember the “Resident Evil” movies (no matter how hard they try to forget) for their general poor quality and constantly getting everything wrong about the games. However, the series’ bad luck with adaptations began with the comic books. Seemingly nobody could quite master the art of translating “Resident Evil” onto comic book pages.

If you want to know why you don’t see studios clamoring to make new “Resident Evil” comics, this might shed some light on the answer.


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