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The Steamiest Movies On Netflix Right Now

By looper , in Movies , at August 21, 2021

Some nights, you find yourself scrolling through Netflix in a certain sort of mood. Nothing jumps out at you. You don’t want a comedy, or an action movie, or some brainy documentary. Then it hits you, you know exactly what you want. You want to watch something steamy. You want a film about sex — or at the very least, a film with sex scenes, preferably lots of sex scenes.

Hey, you’re only human; no judgments here. In fact, here’s your hook-up with all the steamiest movies you can watch right now on Netflix. Some suggestions are genuinely good films, critical darlings and artsy foreign fare. Others are unapologetic, horny trash. The quality of the film is secondary. What’s important is that these are all films about hot people getting naked.

Now obviously, not all of these movies will be for everyone. Depending on your own personal taste and orientation, some are bound to turn you off — but with a selection as wide and varied as this, hopefully one will do it for you. So good luck, you late night scroller, and godspeed.

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