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The top bogan baby names of 2021 have been revealed

By , in Lifestyle , at August 10, 2021

Every year, I think my annual bogan baby names list will be the last because surely I’ve covered every bogan name in Australia.

But every year, Aussie parents prove me wrong. Oh-so-wrong.

Best bogan names for girls


Nah, nah, nah. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes. I know what this is – it’s Chardonnay sneakily disguised as a fresh new name. Kind of like last year’s Carryn was desperately trying not to be a Karen. Nice try.


I’m not so sure about taking the name of a biblical book or a ‘60s soft-rock band, changing up the spelling, and then giving it to a baby. Seems a bit mean.


I have weird feelings about naming a child after the company that created Barbie. It’s not a particularly attractive word, so what’s the point here? Couldn’t we just go with Barbie or Skipper instead?

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One couple loved weed so much that they named their first daughter SaTiva after the strain of cannabis. Their friends’ snorting laughter wasn’t enough to deter them from calling their second daughter Indica – another strain of marijuana – 16 months later. Dope!


Because Charlotte is too classy and regal, so we better dumb it down by spelling it bogan-like.


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