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The Untold Truth Of Joshua Jackson

By looper , in Movies , at August 10, 2021

Joshua Jackson first made his mark in 1992’s “The Mighty Ducks,” before catapulting to fame with his iconic performance as Pacey Witter on The WB’s teen soap, “Dawson’s Creek.” He’s been a television staple ever since, and Jackson’s other small-screen acting credits include starring roles on the series’ “Fringe” and “The Affair,” as well as parts in the high-profile miniseries’ “Little Fires Everywhere” and “When They See Us.”

In addition to his television roles, Jackson has dabbled in film -– most notably earlier in his career when he appeared in movies such as “Cruel Intentions,” “Gossip,” and “The Skulls.” But it seems as though television is his preference, as emphasized by his recent work on Peacock. Jackson stars in “Dr. Death,” where he portrays the titular character (whose actual name is Dr. Christopher Duntsch), a narcissistic –- and possibly sociopathic -– Texas surgeon who was charged with medical malpractice after botching 33 spinal surgeries.

Even though he grew up largely in the public eye, Jackson keeps a relatively low profile, and many do not know how interesting his life has been. From parental abandonment to young fame to his current state of romantic bliss, there is a lot of depth to Jackson’s life experiences. Here is the untold truth of Joshua Jackson.

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