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The White Lotus recap: Jennifer Coolidge shines in first episode of HBO satire

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Mike White’s new series The White Lotus premiered today, and we’ve already got a lot of questions.

There’s a sense of mystery that lingers throughout the first episode of the six-part HBO series, which is for the most part an introduction to the various colourful characters.

Set at ‘The White Lotus’ resort in Maui, Hawaii, the show, which is now available to watch on demand on Foxtel, follows a group of VIP guests from various families as they settle in for a week-long holiday on the island.

After some pretty groovy opening theme music, the first ep opens with a downcast man – later identified as Shane Patton (Jake Lacy) – sitting at an airport by himself as a concealed dead body is wheeled onto the plane waiting on the tarmac.

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