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Tibetan monks charged in secret Chinese trials with unknown offences, sparking renewed concerns

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Tibetan Buddhist monks walk wearing red robes.

China’s crackdown on ethnic minorities has once again been pushed into the spotlight, this time in Tibet, after a new report revealed for the first time that four monks were sentenced up to 20 years in prison on unknown charges.

The 61-page report by Human Rights Watch found four monks from Tengdro monastery in Tingri county – Choegyal Wangpo, Lobsang Jinpa, Norbu Dondrup, and Ngawang Yeshe – were sentenced to 20, 19, 17, and five years respectively in September 2020.

They were detained after police received a lost phone belonging to Choegyal Wangpo in 2019.

His phone revealed messages sent to exiled monks in a sister monastery in Nepal, and evidence of humanitarian donations following the 2015 earthquake.

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