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Tones and I posts about NSW lockdown, suicide and small business loss

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Record-smashing popstar Tones and I has divided fans with her latest Instagram post about Sydney’s extensive lockdown.

Posting to her 675,000 followers, the Dance Monkey hit maker took aim at the NSW Government for putting people “into a position of huge pain and suffering”, claiming “there has not been enough conversation around mental health and suicide” as the state grapples with the spread of the highly-infectious Delta variant.

Declaring Australia “f***ed right now”, the artist then directly addressed small business owners in her caption, urging fans to reach out so she can help get 10 struggling Aussies get back on their feet with promotion and “$5000 cash”.

While her passionate message garnered plenty of praise from followers, others slammed what one person called an “inflammatory, uneducated” stance.

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According to Lifeline, nine Australians die every day by suicide. In Australia, there have been 940 deaths from covid, with 4.3 million worldwide.

The World Health Organisation reports more than 700,000 people die by suicide worldwide each year.

“Everyone is loosing everything, small business’s have gone under, people are locked away from friends and family, walking on the beach is becoming voodoo (sic),” the singer went on to write in her series of posts.

“You have created a situation where people are staying in doors (trying to do the right thing) but it’s gone on for so long that we have forgotten what “life” we are even fighting for!” she concluded in the message.

In her caption, Tones and I, whose real name is Toni Watson, offered assistance to small business owners affected by the lockdown.

“If ya don’t work at Woolies/Uber eats r have a government funded job ya f***ed,” she said.

“It’s so hard to watch so many people suffering, it’s getting to a point where nobody can see a way out. I try and share love always. But I just don’t know what to do to help my fans or friends or just fellow aussies feel OK,” she continued, adding: “It’s really up to aussies to help out aussies!

“Im only one person but if you know small business either you or your family or friends that are really on the verge of giving up please send me a DM! Im gonna try and help out 10 small businesses. With promotion/ $5000 cash and just some f***ing hope geeze!

“Keep going and your mental health is so important and you are so worthy!” she signed off.

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