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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews hints at even harsher Covid-19 measures following 55 new local cases

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Growing COVID-19 infections in Melbourne ‘raises questions’ about ending lockdown

Daniel Andrews has hinted at even harsher lockdown rules as the state desperately tries to contain a growing Covid-19 outbreak.

It comes as Victoria recorded 55 new locally acquired Covid-19 infections on Friday, but less than half of those were in isolation during their infectious period.

The Victorian Premier warned it was a “bad day” and did not rule out stricter measures to overcome the Delta crisis.

With the deadly variant largely affecting children and state officials enforcing a ban on playgrounds this week, Mr Andrews could not rule out if even childcare would be closed.

“Nothing is off the table, I can‘t rule out making further changes in a whole range of different areas,” he said.

The Premier also said a lockdown of regional Victorian was not off the table following a new Covid-19 case in Shepparton.

“The best thing for people in Shepparton to do is to get tested,” he said.

“We had an amazing effort last year. I‘m sure there’s already queues at those additional testing sites. That’s how keen the Shepparton community and the Goulburn valley community will be to do the right thing.

“We’ll look today and tonight at what more we can do.”

But Mr Andrews hinted at even harsher Cobid-19 rules to flatten the curve of cases.

“There are always further options. Those decisions have not been made,” he said.

“But we can‘t have this accumulation of mystery cases day on day, we can’t have an accumulation of people out and about and infectious.”

Mr Andrews warned Victoria could start to see infections in the hundreds – and even deaths – if people failed to follow the current health orders.

“Just look at Sydney, just look at what‘s happening in Sydney. We do not want that here,” he said.

“We have the chance to avoid that but it is not a matter of passing a law, it’s not a matter of giving a speech, it’s not a matter of anger and frustration, none of that works against this.

“It’s only the thousands indeed billions of individual choices that each of us make tonight, tomorrow and into Sunday.

“The result of any bad choices that are made will just mean hundreds of people in hospital and it’s not pleasant to be in hospital with this (virus).”

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