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What The Critics Are Saying About NEO: The World Ends With You

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Back at E3 2018, Nintendo Switch fans were given a remake of the popular DS game “The World Ends With You,” reminding fans why they loved the original so much. Just two years later, Square Enix announced that there would be a sequel to the game with a very similar title: “NEO: The World Ends With You.” Now that “NEO” has finally arrived, critics had a lot to say about the game — and so far, the reviews have been stellar. 

The first game was quite memorable, particularly thanks to the hidden meaning behind its plot: a cautionary tale against playing too many video games. According to Katie Hultner from Polygon, it’s important to either watch or play the original’s story before diving into the new one, as “NEO” is full of references. Luckily, the original was also made into an anime series right before “NEO” was released.

Most critics agreed that the main characters quickly sucked them in. The game centers around a trio of friends, who Hultner called “delightful” despite feeling “a bit stereotypical” in their presentation. Meanwhile, Josh Broadwell from Gfinity argued that “Square Enix [has] created what’s probably the best bunch of dysfunctional heroes.” These main characters are also “layered with chemistry,” which keeps things interesting in spit of the small size of the party, according to Jade King from TheGamer.

The characters weren’t the only thing to catch the eyes of critics, though.


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