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Whatever Happened To Backyard Baseball?

By looper , in Gaming , at July 28, 2021 Tags: , ,

The sports genre is a popular category in video games. Even if you don’t like sports, there are plenty of titles out there you’ll probably enjoy. In fact, iconic mascots often have spin-offs where they test their athletic prowess, like the plethora of Mario sports games and the forgotten “Mega Man Soccer.”

One of the best sports video games you’ve probably never played is a little PC title called “Backyard Baseball.” While the first installment, which came out in 1997, may have flown under the radar, it led to a franchise full of various games based on many different sports. Unfortunately for fans of the series, the last time a proper entry made it to any console was in 2010 with “Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush.”

Did you enjoy these games? Do you miss playing them? Are you wondering why the franchise has faded over the years? If so, read on to discover what happened to “Backyard Baseball” and its spin-off titles.


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