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Why Calendar Man From The Suicide Squad Looks So Familiar

By looper , in Movies , at August 10, 2021

Even a team of D-list supervillains has standards. 

Audiences watching “The Suicide Squad” undoubtedly noticed that Belle Reve penitentiary wasn’t exactly turned upside down in its search for members to add to the titular team. Some bad guys just didn’t make the cut. Among these was the shiny, tattooed head of the serial killer known as Calendar Man, whose crimes in the comics have historically tended to correspond with holidays and particularly notable days of the year. Dangerous? Yes. Terrifying? Maybe. Particularly useful in the infiltration of an island nation and the destruction of its secret laboratory? Not really. 

The dates didn’t quite work out for Calendar Man to join the Squad on its mission to Corto Maltese, but he still got to be a part of Task Force X, at least for a little while. In addition to appearing as Calendar Man, the actor who played him also performed motion-capture for the character of Weasel, who is believed to have drowned during the initial infiltration of the island but is later revealed during a post-credits scene to be alive and hiding in the jungles of the South American island nation. But who is this actor?

If you’ve seen more than one movie made by “The Suicide Squad” director James Gunn, then you definitely recognize his brother, Sean Gunn, because James has a tendency to cast Sean in just about everything he does. But Sean has other frequent co-collaborators aside from his brother, as his filmography suggests.

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